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The concept of EDC (Everyday Carry) can be traced back to the 1970s. This concept originated from American extreme outdoor sports and military culture. It originally refers to the essential items that are carried every day in case of emergencies.

After years of cultural development, in recent years, the magic industry has also launched many EDC-related products, which refer to props that can be easily carried every day.


But in real life, we always encounter some situations:

  • Although the props are small, they still need to be carried in a backpack for convenience
  • Going out in a hurry, emptyhanded
  • I want to perform a little magic during the party, but there are angle restrictions.


So are there any items that we really take out every day?

TagPlay is such a product.

To put it simply, TagPlay appears in the form of a keychain. You can hang it on your mobile phone, keys, and bags, which are items you will take out every day. It is equivalent to taking it out every day and waiting for you to use it.

TagPlay's built-in chip allows you to link it with your phone at any time, making it more than just a keychain.

The pattern design of a king wearing sunglasses adds a modern trend to the classic. The built-in LED light makes your sunglasses light up when you are close to your mobile phone or even the access control, making you a cool presence.

The mirror prophecy design on the back allows you to use a mirror or selfie lens to reveal the prophecy, which is more unique and can also leave a commemorative photo with the audience.


Let’s talk about what it can do:

[Music Prophecy] The audience chooses a piece of music, puts the keychain on the back of the phone, lights up the sunglasses, and the music starts.

[Three Object Predictions] Mobile phones, keychains and other items are placed on the table. The audience randomly chooses to place them, and the prediction will be successful.

[Card Prophecy] The audience selects a card, and the prophecy is revealed at the touch of the keychain, which is then double revealed with the mirror design on the back.

In fact, it can be used in many more ways, waiting for your development.


In addition to magic, TagPlay can also be used as your access card and elevator card. If you want, you can also let it open payment codes or guide you home by touching your phone.

By hooking up TagPlay, you are equivalent to having a portable assistant. According to your needs, it will never turn a blind eye when it is time to cooperate with your performance.

TagPlay by Stephen Chan


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