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Rusa - Complete Russian Roulette Set presents by Diego Minevitz & Magiclism

Magiclism Store and Diego Minevitz presenet you this Russian Roulette with Spikes and Blindfold!

Having toured internationally, the renowned extreme magician Diego Minevitz is now sharing his materials in a DVD! All contents are explained in detail and shot with multiple camera angles where appropriate.

Though the origin is unknown, Russian Roulette has been a traditional and lethal game that has been conducted throughout time. This game has been fascinating people with its life-threatening nature for years. Diego will show his routine performed with spikes and a blindfold. As always, safety is our priority. Diego will discuss tips to avoid accidents from happening.

This package comes with a complete set of props, including the spikes and blindfold! You will be able to perform this stunning effect in very little time.

Packs small and plays big!

This DVD is great for shows where you want to astonish your audiences, making them believe that you possess super-human capabilities!


Props included:

- Tutorial DVD

- Gimmicked Blindfold

- Spikes

RUSA by Diego Minevitz & Magiclism


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