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Two magic powerhouses join forces to present one of the best versions of an all-time classic.

For decades, Nielsen bottles were the gold standard for “The Vanishing Bottle”. They were used by countless pros around the world before being unfortunately discontinued due to key manufacturers closing down.

As the effect was still immensely popular though, Henry Harrius set out to find a solution for modern performers. He finally cracked the code in 2022 with his bestselling effect “Refilled”, which was released with full permission from Nielsen Magic. It uses a Corona beer bottle and is considered by many to be one of the best vanishing bottles ever made.

It wasn’t just the exceptional quality of the bottle that made “Refilled'' so popular though. Henry also developed a unique routine that added new layers of deception. The audience could now feel, and even hear, the bottle before it was magically refilled.

Since then, magicians have been clamoring for a non-alcoholic version that they could use when beer wasn’t appropriate. This led to a partnership between Henry Harrius and Nielsen to create a line of the highest quality “Vanishing Bottles” the magic community has ever seen.

Their first collaboration is the “Ultimate Vanishing Bottle”, an incredible new take on the “Vanishing Coke Bottle”. This professional quality prop is constructed of the same premium materials as “Refilled”. It looks identical to Mexican Coke Bottles, which are immediately recognizable and are way easier to find in grocery stores and bodegas than the shorter American-style bottles Nielsen once used.

The “Ultimate Vanishing Bottle” by Henry Harrius and Nielsen Magic is one of the easiest ways to amaze an audience of any size or age. This easy-to-do parlor or stage routine is bursting with comedy and magic that can be accomplished without any sleight of hand required. It’s unbelievably realistic.

You receive the bottle, wooden bottle opener, enough stickers for upwards of 100 performances, special "bonus" convincer gimmick, and full instructions.

Ultimate Vanishing Bottle by Henry Harrius & Nielsen Magic


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