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After launching HCC made of high-quality Chinese ancient coins, N2G produced the same exquisite HCC2.0 using the same high-quality coins

This time, you can perform this classic coin magic effect with an ancient coin and a Morgan coin.

Clean display two coins, then put one of them in your pocket, open your hand, but there are still two coins in your hand! This effect is repeated twice again. In the last time, after placing one of the two coins in your pocket, slowly open your hand and show that there is nothing in your hand! This is an unexpected and magical ending.

HCC2.0 is equipped with high-quality special coins made of Chinese ancient coins and Morgan coins, as well as matching ordinary coins, allowing you to use them when you open the box

The Chinese ancient coins in the set come in three different colors for you to choose from, which can meet different personal preferences and performance styles.

If you enjoy performing classic magic with high-quality props, don't miss HCC2.0

HCC 2.0 by N2G


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