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Portal X by ZH Luo & Bond Lee | Presented by MS Magic

(This is a pre-order item, product will be shipped in Novemebr 2023)

A miracle is what you can create using this table. This is probably the best gimmicked table you will ever find.

Imagine producing a lemon at the end of your chop cup routine WITHOUT any loading, and you can even do it three times! With Portal X, you can magically transform any object into anything, like changing a deck into a Rubik’s cube, then a watch; moreover, you can do it without touching the table at all, just like pure magic.


Production, vanish, transformation, mind reading, prediction, transposition, restoration - you can achieve all these magic effects with Portal X.

Portal X is perfect for TV performances, commercial events & theatre performances. Here is your chance to perform miracle after miracle; get your Portal X today.


Portal X has three modes of control: remote, timer and button control. You can control your table in a perfectly natural manner during your performance.

Portal X is designed for professionals, built with the finest quality black walnut and it can be disassembled for easier carrying.

Assembled size: Surface 54 x 37cm | Height 93cm | Weight: 10Kg

Disassembled size: Surface 62 x 37cm | Height 25cm | Weight: 10Kg

Object max size: 96x66x64mm


We have three speed modes for you to adjust, adapting to different performance situations.

Portal X is made with black walnut wood, steel and aluminum. The surface is made of special black art materials, providing more possibilities for your performance and making the gimmick more invisible.


The battery is durable and can last for 5 - 6 hours of operations with one charge. It can also be replaced quite easily, allowing you to charge the battery yourself or use a backup battery when needed for consecutive or more lengthy performances. Portal X also comes with a power display so you will know when it is time to charge the table.



- Portal X gimmicked table

- Flight case

Portal X (Pre-order) | Bond Lee,ZH Luo


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