18 PLUS is a sensational piece of magic, extremely strong and funny effect.Imagine your spectator signed card vanished from the deck and reappears inside a perfectly sealed condom.There are lots of possibilities, signed coin, signed bill, predictions, literally any object you can think of.Extremely easy to doSuper practicalCompletely examinableMultiple variation possibleStrong and complete routines included1.	Is it in stock? Do you ship it internationally?Yes, it is in stock now and we do ship it internationally.2.	Is it consumable?Yes, the gimmick is consumable therefore we have refill pack.3.	How many gimmicks are in each pack?12 gimmicks are in each DVD and refill pack. DVD will have 4 sealed gimmicks and 8 unsealed gimmicks.4.	I can see there are three kinds of refill, what’s the different?Refill come in three types, unsealed, sealed (Blue), sealed (Red). Unsealed means you can place anything inside, signed object method require this gimmick. Sealed means a bicycle playing card already sealed in the gimmick, and we have a sticker at the back tell you what card it is. Blue means it’s a blue back bicycle playing card, red mean red back.5.	Does the refill come with any instruction?No, you will learn everything you need on the DVD.6.	Is the gimmick examinable?Yes, it is!

18PLUS Refill by Bond Lee & Magiclism