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In 2019, we MS Magic created the world smallest smoke device “Nothing 2.0” and it instantly became the most popular smoke device that year. After 2 years of hard work, the next generation of our compact smoke device is finally ready, we are pleasure to introduce you the all new - Nothing GEN3.


First let me introduce you to Nothing GEN3's power.

The compact size does not limit the power of Nothing GEN3, we have upgraded the coil and the fan, maximizing the smoke output. 

Nothing GEN3 is possible to fully fill a watch box in just 3 seconds.

You can control Nothing GEN3 with a remote within 10 meters range.

Now you will have enough smoke for any situation.


Nothing GEN3 main device’s size is 3.4 x 2.6 x 1.7cm

The compact size allows you to create the miracle of smoke when and wherever you want.

Nothing GEN3 is perfect for the following:

- Smoke produce from barehand

- Smoke produce from a container, e.g.: box, hat,  glass, etc.

- Smoke produce from object, e.g.: cards, balls, cubes, rose, etc.

This might be the smallest smoke device you can find nowadays.


 We have worked with a smoke liquid specialist to create a special formula of smoke oil provides a dense and thick smoke. And most importantly, our smoke is perfectly safe to both your health and clothing.


Now you can control the direction of your smoke!

We added a brand new interchangeable direction nozzle system, affording directional control of the smoke, and it's very easy to change the nozzle.

Effect suitable for straight nozzle:

Smoke from barehand, smoke from card box, etc.

Effect suitable for sideways nozzle:

Smoke from mat, smoke in glass, smoke from hat, etc.

Case & Battery

We have upgraded our case and battery, providing a long lasting life span for the device. 

Our new case is made out of ABS materials and also the new design allowing you to replace the coil easily.

We doubled the capacity of the battery and upgraded its durability, so the smoke device can last longer before it ran out be battery. Each fully charge battery can produce 50 times of smoke.


We provide all the accessories needed, so it can be used immediately. 

Here are the items you will get:

- Nothing GEN3 main unit

- Remote control

- Straight nozzle

- Sideways nozzle

- Nothing holder & armband

- Charging cable

- Special formula smoke liquid

Nothing GEN3

$110.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price

2024 Super Summer Sale

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