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Y Rose 2.0 by Mr. Y & MS Magic

MS Magic seeks only perfection. After 2 years of research and dedication, we present you – Y Rose 2.0.
Created and crafted by Mr. Y and MS Magic, Y Rose 2.0 brings you the visual fantasy of transforming one rose into four roses in a second. With convenience, ease, and performance as our top priorities, the newly improved Y Rose 2.0’s simple loading mechanics ensures smooth execution and you can perform it instantly.

MS Magic promises great quality and great deals; for Y Rose 2.0, we have packed TWO sets of gimmicks in each box, so you may present not four, but eight beautiful roses.


- Perfect finale for stage magic

- Easy to handle
- Detailed tutorial
- 2 gimmicks included

- 8 rose production possible

Y Rose 2.0 by Mr. Y & MS Magic


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