X-Multiplying Balls by X Magic
One set comes with 2 gimmick (Left & Right hand)

“X-Multiplying Balls” – A brand new gimmick that brought to you by X-Magic. Transforming the classic 1 to 4 balls effect to the next level.
Different from before, X-Multiplying Balls replace tricky skill and moves, producing 4 balls, 8 balls or even 9 balls.

X-Multiplying Balls allow you to do:
- Multiplying effects
- Color changing effects
- Appearing and Vanishing effects
- Transformation effects
And more

Why X-Multiplying balls?
- The gimmick is made of high quality steel material that allow you hold on any magnetic surface, and it’s durable.
- Matt & non-slip finishing delivery the best gripping experience.

It’s absolutely a special weapon for your multiplying balls act.
Grab it before it's too late!

X-Multiplying Balls by X Magic


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