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Every magician has a Harry Potter dream of owning a magic wand filled with power... When magic collides with sorcery, our SUPER X Magic Research Institute has developed a new magic product, "The Light Chaser," the latest original work by the new-generation magician Xu Jialiang, a killer-level stage prop that is about to arrive!

This is our latest magic: Light is the most mysterious source in the world of magic. Imagine picking up a magic wand and activating its power to generate feathers in the light and suspend them in mid-air. Seeing the feathers slowly appearing breaks through the boundaries of our imagination. With our developed system, you can immediately display movie-level CG visual effects!

In addition, you can also incorporate "The Light Chaser" into any process, such as disappearing feathers, disappearing scarves, scarves to wands, and scarves changing colors.

* Brand new stage competition-level magic effect
* Teaches 8 sets of killer-level stage feather processes
* The prop is made of sturdy and durable 3D printing materials
* Simple operation, strong effect, 38 seconds to complete setup
* Suitable for performance occasions: competitions, small theaters, stage performances, short video recording
* Smoke machine not included, must be prepared by oneself

Product includes:
* Durable gimmicked magic wand made with 3D printing materials + white feathers + several small feathers + a puller + white scarf + online tutorial

X Light (Tutorial) by Kingsley


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