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A beautiful paddle-routine with a dry-erase paddle.

You show both sides to be empty and draw 1 large X on one side of the paddle. Then you show both sides and the same X has also appeared on the other side! Then you draw a second X next to the first one and that one also appears on the other side.

The same you repeat with a third X until both sides have three X-marks (the paddle could now be handed out for examination). Then you erase one of the marks, and the same mark also disappears from the other side. But then visually it appears back again and you now again have 3 X-marks on each side. Then you erase 2 X-marks, but these also reappear. Then you decide to again erase 2 X-marks so one is left near the top, you show it on both sides and it now jumps to the other side (near the handle) of the paddle. You erase this one and show the paddle to be empty on both sides. You wave the paddle and again a X appears on both sides! You erase this one again and now the paddle really is blank on both sides and can be handed out for examination. Comes with the special dry-erase paddle and marker.

Whiteboard Paddle

$3.00 Regular Price
$2.70Sale Price

2024 Super Summer Sale

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