Magic is the art of storytelling. Everyone is born a blank slate. However, time and tide wait for no one and people change. But what if we have a time box which can magically turn back time to make us feel like a child again? Time can cause objects to appear, disappear, restore, or transform into something else. Thus, we created the Time Box, which seemingly allows you to have the power to manipulate time in your show.

Effect: You can use the Time Box to restore broken objects like Conan Liu does in the trailer. Of course, Time Box can do more than just time related presentations. You could use it to create your own routines. It can be used to produce or vanish objects, such as cards, candies, salt, tea, flower petals, and much more, or to transition to your next routine. When placed in front of the audience, it can quickly arouse the audience's curiosity about the contents of the box, and immerse the audience in the unknown mystery.

The box is made of wood and looks very light and elegant. It is not only a magic prop, but also a work of art.

Time Box by TCC & Conan Liu & Royce Luo