*Product will be shipped late July


Tic Tac Toe X by Bond Lee


Tic Tac Toe is a classic paper and pencil game played between two players, which is turned into an interactive game between the magician and the audience.

Ever since we introduced the Tic Tac Toe Pro, we received great reviews worldwide.  Now this popular routine gets even better:

1.      The frame is redesigned, making it lighter and more rigid.

2.       Stands for both parlor and stage versions are redesigned for better stability.

3.       For stage version only: the X and O boards are collapsible.


You can customise the prediction as you wish, for example:

-          Finale of a mentalism routine.

-          Message.

-          Photo.

-          Company's logo.



-          Frame: 8 pieces of acrylic bars, all held together by magnets.

-          Total of 9 pieces of X and O boards.

-          Acrylic stand (for parlor version) and metallic stand (for stage version).

Tic Tac Toe X (Pre-order) by Bond Lee