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Silk to Cube by Jin

A modernization of an absolutely classic effect in the history of magic; a Rubik's Cube with a sucker punch!

The Silk to Egg is a classic of magic; Jin was inspired by it and created this routine.

The effect:

The magician displays a silk and transforms it into a mini Rubik's Cube. The magician then "exposes" the magic by showing the hole and how he placed the silk inside. After the audience understands the "secret", the magician then performs the magic one more time, but this time the silk transforms into a real mini cube which can be examined by the audience; there is NO silk inside it!

Jin also teaches a bonus routine which you can use to continue into a longer routine with the mini Cube matching a standard sized one (a true feat of mentalism/prediction) and a final effect with the Cube restored to all one-color faces!

A complete routine and perfect opener for Rubik's Cube routines.

Silk to Cube by Jin


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