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Introducing Rubik’s Wall, the ultimate finale for your Rubik’s cube magic routine. Created by Bond Lee, D.K. Wong & Happy, produced by MS Magic.

If you are into Rubik's cube magic, this is for you!!

The magic routine is simple. A spectator chooses any cube they like; they can shuffle the cube as much as they want. They think of a sign, character or image, then place the cube back to any position they want, to create a completely random pattern, and when you turn the wall around, it will become the perfect prediction of the sign/character/image!

All cubes can be shuffled and examined before, during and after the routine. The foolproof design can amaze your audience with an impossible, clean and mind-blowing finale. Perfect for professional performance, commercial events and TV shows.


No sleight of hand, no magnets, no black art, no difficult handling. Just shuffle the cube, place it back and it's done! If you are just starting to do magic, you can do it too!

Rubik's Wall 3x3 Tutorial by Bond Lee


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