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Henry Harrius is finally revealing one of his secret weapons from his commercial show: REFILLED.

You first introduce an empty glass bottle (corona), a paper bag and an opener as a “magic wand”. After some jokes that is naturally built into the routine, the bottle is magically refilled in a completely sealed state! The beer can immediately be handed out as your spectators enjoy the rest of your show drinking it. With the cleverly-refined routine,  the spectator can now touch and even hear the empty bottle before the effect. This truly added a lot of depths to the illusion and drastically increase the deception.

Refilled is a beautiful spin-off of Norm Nielsen’s Classic Vanishing Bottle. With the permission of Norm Nielsen Magic, HHP Team developed the MOST REALISTIC bottle gimmick you can ever find on the market. This practical yet powerful routine is perfect for any of your parlour, stage, or even zoom shows.

Refilled by Henry Harrius


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