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"Quiver" is the ultimate switching device for magicians and mentalists.

Disguised as an ordinary-looking coin pouch, "Quiver" by Kelvin Chow allows you to perform:

  • Instant switches of billets, bills, coins or any other small object
  • Visual switches
  • Perfect predictions
  • Impossible location routines
  • Multiple out routines
  • And so much more...

Everything happens in less then a second. Once the wallet is closed, all the work is done. It's all automatic and self-working. Here's the best part though, the spectator can even hold on to the wallet and open themselves. You don't have to worry about them finding the devious secret. Use your "Quiver" for close-up magic, street magic, mentalism or even parlor and stage magic.

The "Quiver" wallet is an incredible versatile tool for all types of magicians and mentalists. It's available in the standard "Quiver" size and also the larger "Quiver+" version which is 1.5cm longer. This larger sized "Quiver+" wallet allows for easier switches of bigger coins, billets, bills or even folded playing cards.

Give your sleight of hand the day off and grab "Quiver" or "Quiver+" today.

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Quiver Plus by Kelvin Chow

$45.00 Regular Price
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2024 Super Summer Sale

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