Since 2013, we have released N-Series coin props, N1, followed by N2, N3, N4 and N5. They have been so popular throughout the world. But today, in less than a year, we follow up with a really great prop, N6.

N6 is the latest generation of N-Series coin magic props. It is totally different from the previous versions.

There are many routines included with N6, such as The Thief, Exchange, Spellbound, Transfer and so on.

N6 is made of high-quality Chinese coins. The whole set of props includes an N6 gimmicked coin, a red common Chinese coin, a black common Chinese coin, a plastic ring and string.

N6 is available worldwide now!

Note: Please make sure to watch the instructions fully before using the gimmick.

N6 Coin Set by N2G