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Mystique by Bond Lee, Jojo and Wenzi

Inspired by Billy McComb and Earle Lee

The magician displays a box of puzzle pieces and has a spectator mix the pieces and freely pick any piece.

The magician uncovers a puzzle of a painting to the audience as an open prediction.

The magician then shows a stack of famous painting cards, and the spectator chooses one randomly.

The spectator's chosen card is revealed but does NOT match the painting.

The magician snaps his fingers, and the puzzle magically changes into their selection!

Moreover, the spectator's selected piece fits the puzzle perfectly!


A super practical effect; a perfect worker for professionals.
Everything you need fits inside our carrying bag, packs flat, and plays big.
It comes with parlor and stage size props, fitting every performance venue.

A completely different Sucker routine is included, complete with all props.
Strong, practical, funny, and mysterious - this is the Mystique.

Mystique by Bond Lee, Jojo and Wenzi

$380.00 Regular Price
$330.00Sale Price

2024 Super Summer Sale


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