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The MS Fire Wallet is finally here!
We love using the fire wallet. It's effective and practical. Finally we made our own version.

We have always thought the fire wallets currently on the market are too "boring" and we wanted different wallets to match our own performance style. The MS Fire Wallet is our solution.
We have found a leather wallet company to work with so we can make many styles of wallet.
We also made our own fire wallet gimmick. Due to its airtight design, the fuel can last for at least 12 hours in the wallet. The gimmick also comes with a magnetic lock and a replaceable flint design.
- 12 hours of reserve fuel
- Multiple wallet styles
- High quality gimmick
- Magnetic lock
- Replaceable flint design
- Affordable price
We hope you all will enjoy our latest fire wallet.

MS Fire Wallet by MS Magic

$26.00 Regular Price
$23.40Sale Price

2024 Super Summer Sale

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