Routine and Effect
Apart from thinking that it looks cute, the first thought most will have is, how does one perform the Mini Cups and Balls?
In fact, you can perform a variety of moves with the Mini Cups and Balls: vanishes, transpositions, transformations, and so on. Most of what can be achieved with regular-sized cups can be done with the minicups. You could perform one-handed if you wished, or perform a 3 shell game routine. For casual close-up performances or even smaller sidewalk shows, the mini cups and balls may be a suitable, practical, and portable alternative compared to the traditional cups and balls.

For this, we have even designed a high-integrity storage box that fits all the props you would need to perform the mini cups and ball. Bring the cups and balls effect closer to your reach.

Process and parameters
The TCC PRESENTS Mini Cups and Balls are made from specially selected high-quality brass and professional-grade precision production technology. The surface is fully treated to give an appearance of an antique bronze finish to give it a subdued look, yet further enhance its exquisiteness.
We have redesigned the measurements and proportions of the cups, matching them with red rubber balls and crochet final load balls. The shape, proportions, and finish color give the illusion that the cups are smaller than they are. Although mini in size, they play big. Included with your set is a meticulously crafted vegan leather storage case, which functions both as a storage case and a display case, to display its uniqueness more prominently.

Details and dimensions:

●  Finish: Antique Bronze

●  Contents: Three mini cups, three red crochet balls, four red soft rubber balls, exquisite storage box.

●  Dimensions: Cup mouth diameter - 38mm; Cup bottom diameter - 19.3mm; Cup height - 33.9mm; crochet ball diameter - 27mm; rubber ball diameter - 10mm

●  Weight: 35g (Single Cup)

●  Package Size: 91 x 88 x 47mm

●  Package Weight: 204g

●  Full instructions are included.

Mini Cups and Balls by TCC