One of the finest manipulation cards you will find.
Coated with special finish allowing the cards last longer.
Front is white, back is flesh color.
White surface allow you to customized your manipulation cards easily.
This manipulation cards have two type, thin and extra thin.
The thickness of thin type is 2/3 of a normal bicycle deck.
The thick ness of extra thin type is 1/3 of a normal bicycle deck.

Manipulation Cards (Thin) by Bond Lee

  • Bond Lee薄牌集中了所有好的手法牌的長處,我們的目標就是生產最好的手法牌。 舞空台手出牌魔術專用撲克,牌背採用肉色,更容易隱藏在手上,牌紙質量超好而且特薄,讓你手裡能一下藏到兩副撲克,是玩舞台撲克魔術的必備品。

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