It is a unique work of art in the world, with mystery that evades detection and eternal charm.
It is one of the most valuable magic effects we can get from our ancestors.

It is one of the most outstanding contributions of Chinese magic to the world of magic.
It is the Chinese Linking Rings.

The Chinese Linking Rings are one of the most popular and classic magic effects in the world. In the past few years, magicians all over the world have made various changes to its effect, size, quantity and even name, and we have seen many versions of the four links. In every case, they all reflect the fundamental charm of Linking Rings.

As Chinese professional magicians, and a team that hopes to create value, we also produced our own close-up four ring set 2 years ago to express our respect and tribute.
Maybe you have seen this pictures before, For those who understand, it explains the details and persistence. We are proud to introduce our New Close-up Linking Rings.

●  Three brand new colors with a brand new look and feel;

●  Four rings included in each set;

●  Outer diameter: about 10.5cm (4 inches);

●  Weight of each individual ring: approximately 48.1g (1.7 ounces);

●  Specially treated key ring mouth reduces pinching of the skin;

●  Soft black carrying bag included (weight: approximately 11.5g);

●  Basic instructions included.

Linking Rings Close Up by TCC