Impossible Escape by Diego Minevitz
Presented by Magiclism

Starts with an ordinary deck of playing card. The magician asks the spectator chooses a card at free will then sign it. The signed card is returned to the deck and placed inside the cards' box, then trussed up by the mini strait jacket. The spectator is convinced that the deck is "sleight of hand proofed". The whole lot is hung upside down and shaken a couple times. Slowly the signed card emerges from the mini strait jacket and makes its escape!

- Practical routine and handling.
- Easy to perform.
- More advanced magicians can perform the "signed card and impossible location" effect.

Props included:
- Tutorial DVD
- Little straitjacket
- Special prepared deck
- Tie wrap

Impossible Escape by Diego Minevitz & Magiclism


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