In spring 2018, Bond Lee produced his first deck of playing cards FANTAST with Legends Playing Card Company, all 2500 decks were sold out. Now we are proud to present the 2nd generation this beautiful playing card, FANTAST GOLD.


Collaborating with MS Playing Card Production, this deck is printed with the air-cushion finish. The outstanding quality guarantees a smooth handling for everyone, perfect for Cardistry and Magic.  To the ones who own this deck: we hope you can pursue your dreams courageously. 


The design originates from a butterfly. Dreams are like butterflies in various ways: beautiful, yet it can be fragile. A resemblance of reality against illusions. The circular spiral pattern exhibits a magnificent level of fine art. The background reflects the sky, dreamlike and mystifying like the butterfly.


The Joker has a triangle embedded inside the butterfly, representing dreams, life and demeanor. The whole design merges seamlessly with these ideas as well as elegance.


FANTAST is designed by Bond Lee & MS Magic, all pips and courts are fully customized. We want to show how powerful dreams can be to the world. With this deck, he has fulfilled his life's goals and is pursuing his dreams courageously, as can we all. 

Card back are beautifully gold foil stamped, making the design look absolutely stunning. Tuck cases made of premium quality paper stock by from Germany, gold foil stamping. 

FANTAST are printed on premium-quality German Koehler playing card stock with an air-cushion finish by MS Magic Production, providing a astonishing feeling when manipulate.


· Fully custom pips & courts

· Gold foil stamping card back & tuck case

· Premium-quality card stock

· Air-Cushion Finish

· Poker size

FANTAST Gold Playing Card by Bond Lee & MS Magic