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FANTAST Playing Cards

“Every magician dreams of having a personalised deck of cards.” – Bond Lee


“The Amazing Magician,” a popular TV programme in China, was proven to be rewarding to Bond in 2017. In the spring of 2018, Bond Lee produced his first deck of playing cards.

Collaborating with the Legends Playing Card Company, this deck is printed with the Elite Finish. The outstanding quality guarantees a smooth handling for everyone.

To those who own this deck: we hope you can pursue your dreams courageously.

Art and Concepts
The design originates from the butterfly. Dreams are like butterflies in various ways: beautiful yet fragile. A resemblance of reality against illusions. The circular spiral pattern exhibits a magnificent level of fine art. The blue background reflects the sky and the dreamlike and mystifying nature of the butterfly.

The Joker card has a triangle embedded inside the butterfly, representing dreams, life and demeanour. The whole design merges philosophical beliefs and elegance seamlessly.

Bond Lee wants to show how powerful dreams can be to the world, fulfilling his goals in his life and pursuing his dreams courageously.

FANTAST by Bond Lee


2024 Super Summer Sale

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