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Extrema - Fakirism and Escapism
Magiclism Store and Diego Minevitz present you multiple stunts of Fakirism and Escapism! Toured internationally, the renowned extreme magician Diego Minevitz is now sharing his materials in a DVD!

All contents are explained in detail and shot with multiple camera angles where appropriate.

1. Fakirism

Imagine yourself walking on real pieces of glass onstage and this is only the beginning! You will be able to walk, lie down and lay your face against the glass! Diego will share his personal handling of glass, in particular, the type of glass which should be used, the quantity, the clean-up and the preparation. Diego's handling makes this stunt incredibly practical to perform.

2. Escapism

This is a practice of escaping from a physical enclosure of any type of trap. Diego will cover escaping and real elements, releasing methods without any trickery, including real handcuffs, tie wraps, Houdini Handcuffs and Siberian Chains! These routines are extremely practical, accommodating all types of venues, ranging from close-up to stage performances. Diego will share many valuable tips and bonus performance footage of Diego's impossible escapes are also included!

This DVD is great for shows where you want to astonish your audiences, making them believe that you possess super-human capabilities!

EXTREMA by Diego Minevitz & Magiclism


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