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Eternal Rose by Bond Lee, Wenzi & Horace Ng

A classic of rose magic, now rebirth.

An elegant, magical, practical rose magic routine.

Magician displays a red rose, he plucks the flower head but amazingly there is another flower head appears on the stem, again magician pluck this flower too from the stem, but new flower appears magically.

After repeating this again two more times, the red rose color change into a yellow rose. When the magician plucks the yellow rose head, a blue rose head appears.

A silk is pulled from the blue rose, with a wave of the silk, the rose is completely vanished by the magician.

  • Visual magic
  • Easy to do
  • Practical and complete routine included


- Gimmick rose stem

- Gimmick rose head (Red x 2, Yellow x 1, Blue x 1)

- Complete tutorial

Eternal Rose (Tutorial) by Bond Lee


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