In all of magic, no classic is more versatile than the Linking Rings.
It can be performed with as few as 2 rings, or as many as 14. It can be performed for 2 people in a restaurant, for a large crowd on the street, or an audience in any theater. The Linking Rings are loved equally by children or adults, and a performance could be silent or with patter, with or without a volunteer, and either dramatic or with comedy.
Even the sounds created by the Linking Rings can become part of the theatrical experience. When performed silently, as was done by Richard Ross, each contact between the rings punctuates the magic, while confirming the solidity of the rings. Or their sound can arrest an audience, as the rings announce themselves throughout the crowded hall of a trade show floor.
The TCC Deluxe Linking Rings were developed to maximize the visual as well as the audible appeal of the Linking Rings. Through numerous consultations and back and forth with Mr. Ammar for the past 12 months, we have produced what we believe will be the go-to set of Linking Rings going forward. Every aspect of the Rings, from the diameter, thickness, weight, sound, even down to the carrying bag, has been meticulously thought out.

●  Material: Stainless steel (Hollow)

●  Diameter: 27.94 cm (~11 inches)

●  Inside Diameter: 26.94 cm (~10.6 inches)

●  Thickness: 1 cm (~0.4 inches)

●  Weight: 0.2 kg (~7 ounces)

For those that have our TCC Close-up linking Rings sets, you know that the welds on those sets are almost invisible. The welds on the TCC Deluxe Linking Rings are durable yet practically invisible. The color and finish on these rings also will not chip and will last a long time.

Mr. Ammar was also gracious enough to include, for the first time ever, an online tutorial video of his personal linking ring routine.

We have decided to offer two configuration options. A five-ring set, and an eight-ring set, to cater to your different routine and budget needs.

The Diameter

We have selected the largest, most visible diameter for these rings that would allow for the proper display when all the rings are linked. Too small and the effect plays in a different way; too large and the chain would look cumbersome. Keep in mind - the diameter of the rings isn’t what affects the impossibility of the links or unlinks; it is the circumference of the rings that affect the perception of the impossibility of the penetrations.

The Circumference

That’s why we chose the circumference we did for our rings. These may be the ‘fattest’ you can practically make rings that will still appear to be linked when held together. If the rings are too fat, the illusion they are linked while just held together doesn’t hold up as well. So we chose the circumference of these rings for specific theatrical and magical reasons. Maximum visibility while still allowing for optical discrepancies.

The Weight and Sound
Finally, the rings themselves are hollow - not just for practicality, but to create the best possible ringing sound when linked, unlinked, or spun inside each other. It’s a beautiful tone that really sings when a ring, with its highly polished finish, spins freely inside another ring.

Deluxe Linking Rings by Michael Ammar & TCC