In order to build a perfect table, there is always something about it's design, materials, utility and firmness. As a performer and presenter, all we looking for is a good looking, reliable piece of equipment, and here it is.

Let us proudly present -  Crystal.

 The one and only beautiful, portable and reliable table. Crystal is the top quality plexiglass table, the sign of elegant, endure and class. A table no other can compare.

Crystal is perfect for your performance, talk, presentation, and even become a piece of elegant decoration for your space. It can be easily assemble and dissemble, allow it to be very portable. Take Crystal with you everywhere.

We designed and customized the crystal bag, for maximum professionalism and minimal hustle.

Exquisite, practical, durable, this is Crystal.

Possible applications:

Performance | Talk | Lecture | Presentation | Interior decoration


PMMA [poly(methyl methacrylate] (Plexiglass) | Steel

Crystal's Data:

Height (assemble) 89cm | Table Top Size: 44cm x 34cm x 2cm | Weight: 3.8Kg

Crystal by Bond Lee & MS Magic