In coin magic, ancient Chinese coins are traditional and elegant.
After the N-series coin props have gained popularity all over the world, I‘m so honored to release a new product, CCS, a high-quality Chinese coin set.

The Chinese coins in the set are the same as those in the N series, which can be matched to perform more routines. The surface of the coin is smooth and comfortable, with excellent hand feel. Each set has been hand tested to work smoothly. The size is slightly smaller than a Morgan dollar, therefore easier to palm. This product can be used as a three-in-one set. The normal coins will nicely fit inside the 100% covered shells.

Instructions include 5 routines: super 3 fly, super 3 across, coins through table, matrix, flash matrix.

This set also has strong scalability. It can be used in different effects and routines.

The product includes four ancient Chinese coins, a shell, an expanded shell and detailed online instructions.

Don't wait! Add the mysterious power of the orient to your coin magic now!

CCS by N2G & MS Magic