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Endowed with elegance & artistry, Bond Lee, an internationally awarded magician, proudly presents "Born." A revolutionary tutorial, collecting original ideas & thoughts, "Born" introduces a new era of magic to all manipulation enthusiasts.

Bond Lee, a renowned magician and gifted manipulator from Hong Kong and an active contestant of international conventions, is one of the finest Hong Kong graduates of the Chavez Studio of Magic (in the U.S.A.).

Ian Tsang, a talented underground ball manipulator, skillful, original and innovative, shares some of his work in this DVD which has never been published before.
Bojan Barisic, extremely experienced in manipulative magic, as well as a creator, designer, researcher, and advisor, provides remarkable research on ball sleights for this DVD. This DVD includes some of the most visual effects which can be done by billiard balls.
Tutorials were shot from various angles to provide highly detailed explanations.

Applications of double/triple shell
Visual productions of an eight ball finale

Visual color change
Ball rolls and juggling routines
An extremely visual vanish of a pocket watch

Tips and theories
Discussion of ball types

"In my opinion, this is how a magician should be." - Lu Chen
"It's not about speed and fancy moves...such pureness and witchcraft, defines what magic is all about." - Kai-Lun Hu

And finally: be magical, be inspired, always!

BORN VOL 1 & 2 by Bond Lee - Advanced ball manipulation tutorial


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