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BLAZE2 (Tutorial) by Bond Lee

From the genius minds of Alen, Bond Lee and ZF Magic.
Let us introduce you to our brand new automatic candle, BLAZE2.
You can control the candle to ignite and extinguish it at your command - like magic.
It’s coated with real candle wax.
The flame size is completely adjustable.
And now you can synchronize different candles to one remote control, and the control distance is up to 30 meters.
BLAZE2 is perfect for stage performances, theatre productions and special effects for any venue.
Come and experience the endless possibilities.

This is BLAZE2.

- Self-ignite and extinguish candle

- Real candle wax coating

- Adjustable flame size

- Synchronizable remote control | distance up to 30 meters

BLAZE2 (Tutorial) by Bond Lee


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