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ARRIVAL by Jeremy Pei, MS Magic & R.W.D. Workshop

The classic effect of the VIP appearance illusion now comes in a better version. The magician displays a box with nothing in it and with a wave of the hands the white cloth drops in the blink of an eye and a person is produced inside. Now the audience can see through 4 sides of the illusion - there is no gimmick at all.

The whole illusion can be packed small and fits inside a minivan.
This illusion can be assesmbled by two people and operated by one person on stage.


Weight: 40Kg
Size (disassembled): 90 x 90 x 26cm (36cm with wheels)
Size (assembled): 90 x 90 x 200cm


- Production will take appx. 1 month to complete when ordered

- The shipping fee will be charged separately after your order is confirmed. You can contact us and for a shipping fee quote before purchasing.

ARRIVAL by Jeremy Pei, MS Magic & R.W.D. Workshop


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